DUNS NUMBER: 625348748

Contract Number: GS00Q17GWD2478

Eligibility: Available to any Government Entity

The link to the GSA STARS II website is http://gsa.gov/8astars2

Contract Overview: 8(a) STARS II, is a small business set-aside GWAC, providing flexible access to customized IT solutions from a large, diverse pool of 8(a) industry partners. With a $10 billion program ceiling and a 10 year period of performance, 8(a) STARS II allows for long-term planning of large-scale program requirements while strengthening opportunities for 8(a) small businesses. STARS II is divided into two constellations:

Constellation I includes prime contractors who are technically proficient and offer competitive pricing.

Constellation II includes prime contractors who provide the same strengths as those in Constellation I, plus the additional benefit of either a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level II or above or an ISO 9001:2000 or 9001:2008 credential.

ERP has been awarded contracts in both Constellation I and Constellation II for all functions areas, which includes:

  • FA 1 – Custom Computer Programming Services (NAICS 541511)

  • FA 2 – Computer Systems Design Services (NAICS 541512)

  • FA 3 – Computer Facilities Management Services (NAICS 541513)

  • FA 4 – Other Computer Related Services (NAICS 541519)

Quick STARS II Facts

  • 8(a) STARS allows directed task orders up to $4M

  • No offer and acceptance letter is required from the Small Business Administration (SBA)

  • No FedBizOpps synopsis is required

  • Complimentary task order scope compatibility reviews are provided by the Small Business GWAC Center

  • Task orders may be issued directly or by a 3rd party acquisition shop such as GSA’s Office of Assisted Acquisition Services

ERP 8(a) STARS II Contract Program Manager


Pradheeshan Coomaraswamy
Chief Technology Officer | Program Manager
Phone: 301.490.0080
Email: BD@erpinternational.com


This functional area comprises services for writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer. Services include:

  • Custom computer applications software programming services
  • Custom computer program or software development
  • Custom computer programming services
  • Custom computer software analysis and design services
  • Custom computer software programming services
  • Custom computer software support services
  • Web (i.e. Internet) page design services, custom

This functional area includes planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. The hardware and software components of the system may be provided as part of integrated services or may be provided by third parties or vendors. These services can also include system installation, training and support. Other services include:

  • CAD (computer-aided design) systems integration design services
  • CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems integration design
  • CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) systems integration design
  • Computer hardware consulting services or consultants
  • Computer software consulting services or consultants
  • Computer systems integration analysis and design services
  • Computer systems integration design consulting services
  • Computer integrator services
  • Information management computer systems integration design services
  • Local Area Network (LAN) computer systems integration design services
  • Computer network systems design services
  • Office automation computer systems integration design services

This functional area is comprised of efforts aimed primarily at providing onsite management and operation of computer systems and/or data processing facilities services. These include:

  • Computer systems facilities management and operation services
  • Data processing facilities management and operation services
  • Computer systems or data processing facilities management and operation services
  • Computer systems or data process facilities support services

This functional area covers computer related services (except custom programming, systems integration design, and facilities management services). A few of the services included are:

  • Computer disaster recovery services
  • Computer software installation services